Finding The Real Guy

Oh my god how clear everything seem to be now! I was so asleep and I still am but a little less. What is all this Evolutionary Awakening, Conscious Evolution stuff about? Here is a little summary based on my current state of consciousness.

We all have an ego. Most of us aren't aware of it because it has been controlling us almost our whole life. As a child we were just for a little moment one with the nature until the bad guy took control. Our parents and their parents had an ego too so it is normal we have adopted that same untruthful mindset. The Ego is both personal and collective. It consists of personal thoughts and feelings which we are complitely identified with. The Ego is also collective with values adopted from the culture and society we live in. The Ego makes us feel separate and unique individuals. Our Egos are attached to different things and thoughts but what is important is that we should get rid of that mask we live with.

We might have our ego controlling us 95% (in Hitler maybe 99%?), 70%, 42%, 29%, 12% or 5% (somebody should make a test). If ego is dominating 67% then what is the rest 33%?

This is when the "unknown" presents itself. Contrary to the ego we also have the other side, which you can call Real Me, Authentic Self or Evolutionary Impulse. You might have heard also the name God or Spirit. Traditional enlightenment is finding the God inside of us but if you still have more or less limiting attachments = the bad ego, it is not enough.

If it is the God in us should't we have the same creative skills that the Big Guy has. Yes. Really? We all have the God and the power of creation inside waiting us to be ready! Well, as the lovely baby has many names I call it Real Guy as it sounds nicer. The Real Guy knows what is really essential and because It has no personal needs, instead, it is serving the humanity and the evolution of our planet. That is why the name "Evolutionary Impulse". Because it is a creative power, it can use it's ability to do almost anything. If all the personal needs (like survival,personal development etc) are missing there is just one mission: To be and to become! In practise, whatever is the action Real Guy does it is automatically right for the Evolution. The more Real Guys in action the more creation! That ia called co-creation!

So our main mission right now is to crush or better like cross our ego and find the Real Guy inside of us. It is not an easy thing to do because we are so identified to our thoughts (ego). Here are some helping tools how to develop yourself to the right direction: by reading this kind of awakening stuff = not-reading the brainwash media, by meditating (=listening to yourself) = not listening gurus and reading new-age spiritual books, by spending time with both inspiring and difficult people and observing yourself, especially your negative feelings, emotions, reactions. Where do they come from? Emerge your emotions by writing, shouting, dancing, painting, listening to music...Do what ever is your way, main thing is that something comes up (wheter it's positive or negative).

When you are ready for the big change or Bang Real Guy takes the control and exceeds ego. When ego is crushed enough (over 50%) Real Guy starts the Real party. But this is not a crushing party either. Our mission is not to reach any goals or seach for a better life. Our mission is to find the moment of Now and let go of our different
sections of ego. One by one. It happens the more you became aware of your duality, the ego and the Real Guy.

I don´t know how much bad ego I have left and I had to learn a lesson until I was able to admit that I still have one. But admitting and accepting the fact is a step forwad! There are still some attachments but I am starting to be aware of them, like that possible need to feel myself special when sharing this kind of new information in this blog. I really wanna go this spiritual path (not in a new age way but) in a
way of growing as a human. I have felt a stong presence of Real Guy and felt the strong impulse inside me for a while. That is something so hard to describe. It is simply the best thing we, humanity can ever have! The big change is not far away but at the same time I am so happy in the present moment and that I can write these things not just adapted intellectually but experienced in reality (which is changing
all the freakin time) :)

To make things clear: The meaning is not to crush ego totally because we also need our rational thinking system:) This all has been an important evolutionary process what you can study more from material of Ken Wilber's and the theory of Spiral Dynamics.

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