Health, spirituality and morality

"Long time no see". Lately I`ve had nothing special to write about. I`ve been enjoying the constant change in me and the life. The temporary fog in my mind has gone off and everything seems so much clearer now and I don't even remember how bad I felt just a weeks ago. Numerous days, moments and challenges have been faced (f.ex getting rid of the attachment of updating my blogs) and learned. This journey is called "growth" which goes forward step by step, day by day by enjoying and living in a present moment. The consciousness reveals itself the more I keep my eyes open and understand: I create the outside reality and the world from inside. Nothing just "comes accidentally". The world is created subjectively by what and how I pay attention to everything. You get exactly what you are. The inner world means so much, but the outer world is as equal and important because it is how we express the consciousness (when we have found it). We are not here just to be conscious/spiritual and stay in a peaceful state. Spirit in action is something that the teachers of traditional enlightenment do not accept but I do.

The reason I am typing now is an insight which came just a few minutes ago when I ended up reading an article from an activist magazine on the Yoga gym´s table. (I was doing a yoga practise (at 6.30 am) with my friend). The article was about veganism and the futility of the operations of animal-right-activists. During the last decades, activists have tried to do so much but the meat consumption has just increased and multiplied. What goes wrong?

One reason, the writer told, to that is we have tried to turn omnivores to vegans with health reasons. "Vegetarian food is healthier". The big problem with that sentence is very often that a person cannot find the vegetarian nutrition versatile enough and goes back to eating meat. Also, nutrition guidelines change all the time and many of us are just giving up from red meat and still eat lightier chicken and fish which means the consumption of these have doubled during a decade. Activists might also lack the message of attractive alternatives and positivity. Their reason to be an activist might often be fear or guilt, which they spread around probably subconsciously. No wonder that there is not much larger affect on people.

But but. What is my main point in telling this? Studying conscious evolution and reading the same articles over and over again and repeating the same things with day by day with a more developed level of consciousness I am now ready to open a little about the process of our development lines which has very much to do with our progress in consciousness and how to do it healthily and balanced way.

First of all; being healthy is not a development line. It is not a talent. It is more like our state which either support or weakens our ability to act in different fields. When a person starts to improve his/her health he/she does not automatically improve the level of consciousness. Also, in many cases, the nutritional advise are taken from the authority which might even take us to the totally wrong direction as many of us have noticed lately (f.ex light foods "healthiness", need to eat protein..). Not listening the "self" is usually making us more brainwashed in many other things: A person listens the advise of the media etc.

Graig Hamilton tells great about development lines in his article. Here is what I absorbed from him and him.

According to Integral Theory, we have totally 23 different Developmental lines. Being moral is one important deveploment line which has much to do with the consiousness. In addition to morals, spirituality is also one of our development lines. Some gurus think it is somehow more important than others - being enlightened solves everything! No no no. You can be very spiritual but at the same time have poorly developed moral. There are examples of abusive, financially corrupt or sexual deviant "spiritual" masters. A spiritual, on a other way "bad boy" Ken Wilber likes to ask: "why are most spiritual teachers such assholes?"

The lines of Development theory tells, that we can be great masters in spirituality and the same time very undeveloped in some other lines. If a Great spiritual master acts in ways that are abusive, we should see this not as a spiritual deficit but as a deficit in their moral line of development, or their interpersonal line of development, or perhaps in their emotional line of development.

So, concentrating only to spiritual process is very common among postmodern people who have just found the spiritualty and think "that is the path". That is usually part of the process (been there). Luckily, soon I found an other way. I found the teachers who told that the "old enlightenment" is not the thing anymore. We can go forward from that. We can develop ourselves totally over the ego. Going only spiritual path makes us usually think that the better, the more "spiritual" we are. But it is only one of the 23 developmental lines and we should develop them all.

So we break our former beliefs and break our conceptions etc and replace them with better ones and are caged again. Some people are very attached to spirituality and that prevents their progress. These things we are telling you are so new not only in Finland but in the whole world. We are just greating the integral culture, but it is not easy as our environment is totally modern/postmodern or even traditional.

Lines of consciousness and the New enlightenment progress are developed if you get enough stimulation from the environment you are. Everybody knows, when you surround yourself with materialistic people, you become one. If you surround yourself with spiritual people and things, you become spiritual but leave the other important Lines without attention. We only get rid of the ego by challenging ourselves in different environments and observing us with different people. If somebody says something that irritates you - it is your ego, which tells you it still exists! What an important notice!

In other words, you have to live your life eyes open to proceed. Most of us choose the easier way and stay blind...

Going back to veganism. The article concluded that the better way to work and get attention to the animal cruelty is not to advertise the benefits or health aspects of vegetarian food but to highlight the moral responsibility in our choices. Many people just try to eat vegetarian for health reasons and it does not change ANYTHING in their behavior and don't help to get rid of their ego. But when we get them to think this thing from the moral point of view it might change them much deeper. Let's see how this insight affect on my future plans :)

Morality is an important development line and as/more important than spirituality. In this writing I just took two examples of morality but there are many more to consider.

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