A top-down solution

As I told before, for long I felt I was responsible of my actions and my (like every human's) mission is to save this planet. After suffering, frustration and desperation I am finally so grateful that I live right now and have prepared myself to start the real work and actually a whole new life. This era is really amazing! We are finally starting to understand what this life is really about. It is not about survival. It is not about materialism. It is not about being spiritual. It definitely is not about focusing on me, me and ME.

Take a look around. Some scientists have forecasted we have about 20 years left before we spoil this planet totally. And what do we do? Multiply ourselves, focus on problems, fight against each other, consume, consume, consume, are stucked in past, feelings about me, me, ME. We are focusing on unessentials at the same time when our environment is dying. Some of us are wishing that the God will save us. Well, maybe the hope is better than not hope at all.

Yesterday I was participating a course which is really unique not only in Finland but actually in the whole world. The course is about conscious evolution which most of us finds unfamiliar and not easily approached term. For mainstream more familiar are teachings of spiritual evolving or self-improvement. When I sat there with 3 ladies and one man I felt I was finally creating something totally new. Sure I have done a lot of good and unique with my own business, but I can admit that it is still partly a ego-based work which is fun but will not save us.

We realized that there are only very few people in the world who are writing and talking about consciouss evolution, or evolutionary enlightenment which should be the most important thing to study and to know right now. One insight of mine was that we have to finally forget ourselves and see the bigger picture. Dealing with ego with different tools is not helping us, vice versa. People have been executing meditation, spirituality and self-improvement and usually getting short-term results but finally their ego is stronger than before! But living like the ego does not exist would liberate us to work for the greater interest.

Consiouss evolution is understanding that we are not just individuals but more a process! So as the world is changing, me and my opinions are changing when I grow and evolve :) So, my advise for you now is totally different than the previous writings in this blog. I advise myself and you to stop focusing on yourself, including observation when meditating (or in any situation). Look around you and see yourself from the space as a tiny tiny human species. Observe also your environment: the nature, scenery, all the voices and smells. If you see a bird think where it came from. There is no worth of you when your life is 90% spinning in your mind and focusing on you. This is called top-down perspective, impersonal approach, a unique way to approach both self-development, spirituality and co-creation in this manifested world. It might be the only way to help us evolve and save this planet. Sure this "top-down" is not something to absorb intellectually. You have to really feel you are a creator. But hanging out together, talking with these most important things ever, you forget your ego easily and become a one (a co-creator) :) Thank you guys! Yesterday was a "little" break through for me!

Andrew Cohen and a top-down solution

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  1. You really got it and said it loud and clear. Very powerful. Thank you Heidi.

  2. I can totally agree:)
    I think you summarized really well the most important things we were talking about yesterday!!

  3. Thank You! Together we change the world no matter how clichè does it sounds :)

  4. That's lovely cliche ;) espesially the last part of your text was wonderfull